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Fish experts gather in Iloilo City to address food security

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Fish feeds the world. But according to fisheries scientists fish, captured from the sea and oceans peaked in 2016 and has since became static. Meanwhile, aquaculture production steadily increased through the years. Aquaculture answered the need to provide a steady supply of fish as food. But it is not without issues. Climate change, environmental degradation, steady supply of stock, bringing down production costs, and diseases are among the challenges it faces.

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Graduating college students gear up for future careers

The University of the Philippines Visayas Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) recently held Career Talk 2019 for graduating college students. A number of students from UP Visayas and other schools in Iloilo City gathered at the UPV College of Management (CM) Lecture Halls on March 20, 2019 to listen to UP alumni from various career fields.

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