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Chair: Prof. Emeliza Lozada
Co-Chair: Prof. Mary Rose Rebueno

  1. Ms. Lea Azucena
  2. Atty. Christopher Honorario
  3. Ms. Maureen Kay Ongo
  4. Project End-User or Authorized Representative 


BAC Functions:

  1. Advertise and/or post the invitation to bid;
  2. Conduct pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences;
  3. Determine the eligibility of prospective bidders;
  4. Receive bids;
  5. Conduct evaluation of bids;
  6. Undertake post-qualification proceedings;
  7. Resolve motions for reconsideration;
  8. Recommend to the Chancellor or his duly authorized representative the award of contract;
  9. Recommend the imposition of sanctions in accordance with Rule XXIII of RA 9184;
  10. In proper cases, recommend to the Chancellor the use of Alternative Methods of Procurement;
  11. Ensure that UPV abides by the standards set forth by RA 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations;
  12. Perform such other functions as may be necessary including the determination of a Technical Working Group (TWG) to assist in the procurement process.


The Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Inspection Committee

The TWG is a support group created by BAC to assist in the procurement process. The Inspection Committee is a committee of the University to assist the Supply & Property Services Office (SPSO) to ensure that the delivered goods and services are according to what was ordered.

The members of TWG and Inspection Committee are selected according to their area of expertise.


TWG Functions:

  1. To assist in the finalization of technical specifications and other requirements together with the end-user/requestor during pre-procurement conference.
  2. To assist the BAC, when necessary, in the technical evaluation of offers from suppliers with regard to compliance to specifications and other requirements when procurement is through the alternative modes.
  3. To assist the BAC in the eligibility screening, evaluation of bids, and post qualification of bidders when procurement is through public bidding.
  4. In general, to assist the BAC, in whatever it deems necessary, as far as technical matters for procurement are concerned.


Inspection Committee Functions:

  1. To check goods and services that may need repair, maintenance or replacement and recommend the necessary appropriate action.
  2. To check goods and services that were subjected to repair or maintenance work, and determine whether such repair or maintenance work is completed according to specifications and scope of work.
  3. To sign pre and post inspection reports.
  4. To conduct physical inspection of delivered goods and services, in order to determine whether deliveries made conform with the specifications and other requirements as stipulated in the purchase order or job contract, guided by the general principle that the delivered goods and services must be most advantageous to the University.
  5. To jointly certify (chair and member-consultant assigned) that the procurement specifications and requirements as stipulated in the purchase order or job contract are met.
  6. To recommend acceptance or rejection for the delivery of goods and services.'
  7. To do other related functions deemed necessary by the Head of Procuring Entity (HOPE) or his duly authorized official.
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