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Seminar-workshop for R&D procurement conducted in UPV

A Procurement Seminar-Workshop for Research and Development was conducted on 17 August 2015 at the Audio Visual Room of the UP Visayas, Iloilo City campus.

 In her welcome remarks, Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mary Delia Tomacruz stated that the academic ranking of the university in terms of research is highly affected by major stumbling blocks in terms of procurement. She further stated that “the requirements of procurement, direct contracting, direct importation and the hindrance of acquiring the specific equipment that researchers need are just a few of the many problems encountered, hence, the seminar-workshop  on procurement on R and D was conducted.”

Present as resource persons were Asst. Vice President for Administration, Prof. Nestor G. Raneses. Mr. Isagani Bagus, Chief of the UP System Supply and Property Management Office and Prof. Dan Saguil of the National College of Public Administration. Researchers and procurement officers from UP Visayas and UP Cebu College were the participants in the seminar-workshop.

Dr. Lorel Dee of the UP Cebu College discussed the “Principles of Procurement.” She also talked about the Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP), Annual Procurement Plan (APP), Modes of Procurement, and GPBB/CPA Resource Persons.

This was followed by a lecture on Writing the Technical Specifications, Preparations of the Purchase Request, The Approved Budget for the Contract, Budget Clearance, GPPB/COA Resource Persons.

It was emphasized during the lecture that government agencies and local government units (LGUs) must abide with the general provisions of RA9184 and its revised IRR. Different agencies are encouraged to get familiar with the RA 9184 and its requirements. According to the lecture, it is required for all branches of government and should apply to all modes of procurement.

The lecture also presented the rationale behind PhilGEPS, to which suppliers register as a mandatory rule to participate  ensures the widest dissemination of the Invitation to Bid/Request for Expression of Interest, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors. PhilGEPS allows procurers to post requirements and allows suppliers to be registered.

Moreover, it was explained that funding from abroad that goes through the agency is covered especially if the fund goes to the agency and it is the agency that is going to disburse such funds. It also emphasized that in procuring items, everything must be identified and must have accurate descriptions.

According to the resource persons, the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) should have five or seven members including the Chair; and that BAC members should be technical personnel and their alternatives are also entitled to have honorarium.

A workshop was conducted in the afternoon where different groups laid out their procurement plans for a specific research project and the timeline in accomplishing these procurements. Comments were given by the resource persons as workshop outputs are being presented.

To cap the seminar/workshop, AVP Raneses presented the Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicator System which was developed to  determine the quantitative and qualitative manner of procurement strengths and weaknesses.

By: Anna Razel L. Ramirez

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