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Dr. Siason honored at retirement

Friends and colleagues of Dr. Ida M. Siason marked her retirement date with a celebration on August 15, at the UPV Auditorium, UP Visayas Iloilo City campus. Siason served the University for 36 years as faculty member of the Division of Social Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences. She was also appointed Chancellor from 1998 – 2005 and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs from 1993 to 1998.

 A prolific researcher and scholar, she headed various academic organizations and was founding Chair of the Women in Fisheries that gave voice to women in the fisheries sector. Notable during her term as Chancellor, were the construction of the Administration Building in the Miagao campus and the Graduate and Continuing Building at the Iloilo City campus. These are grand edifices that figured in the affairs of UP Visayas. IT infrastructure was also put in place as well as fiber optic backbone that ensured internet connection for UPV. Special patents from the Land Regulatory Board for the first batch of land of 250 ha. were granted to UPV during her term, while a land use plan for the Iloilo City campus was also drawn in consultation with stakeholders through public hearings and open discussions.

Siason was also instrumental in putting up the Danyag, the UPV Journal of Social Sciences and the UPV Journal of Natural Sciences, which serves as publication the University for the research outputs of faculty and REPS. A steady flow of faculty fellowship, research linkages and publications, are among other major accomplishments to her credit.

By: Anna Razel L. Ramirez



Lines to the Lady Ida Siason

By: Rey Carlo T. Gonzales 

My lords and ladies of this hallowed hall 

Who each a thousand songs extol 

Permit this meek and lowly bard

To offer mellifluous reward. 


To one who though nary homegrown

We fondly call ‘our very own’

For her decades-long academic crusade

Deserves the sweetest serenade.  


And hence, prithee, we shall enthrone

Our graceful muse, Ida M. Siason 

May her long sacrifice and legacy

Ne’er be lost to glorious history   


Mayhap now thou permit me

To relate of her superior qualities

‘Minerva to the academy,

And Juno to her family’. 


The knowledge of this veritable sage

Must not by her discipline alone be gauged 

For as much as she is versed in Freud, Skinner, Pavlov and Bandura,

She is erudite in Marimar, Mara Clara, Valiente and Esperanza. 


Many have prayed to them she’d give

That graceful smile, approving yet elusive

A genuine smile only a blessed few have seen

Tis’ easy to imagine her as ‘UP’s Original Ice Queen’ 


If she be a book, her cover doth deceive

The hasty, judgmental and naïve,

For her joys lie not in jewels and fancy cars

But chocolate mallows and choc nut bars. 


For a heptad she served as the beacon

Of UP’s demesne in this region

And through the winds and tides of many a season

She stood firm as Legatus of our legion. 


Wither doth the road lead our muse now?

What roads and rivers lie ahead, what bends, what boughs?

What more achievements will her sharp mind allow?

As Father Time many more years upon her endow? 


But hark! Her years of service doth attest

She gave her all, she gave her best

Even the here and now alone, ensure

Her legend shalt indeed endure. 


Now hundreds—peer and protégée— 

Raise toast and sound hurrah! 

Henceforth all memories of her and her repute

Will always be spoken of with firm salute.



August 15, 2015 

My dear colleagues in the Social Sciences Division, 

I am now officially retired from government service, after serving almost forty years, of which 36 years were spent at our University. The first thing I noticed, with amusement, is that I am no longer in the Social Science email group. How efficient! 

I am relieved that for this coming year at least I will not be tied to a teaching schedule and to checking tests and student papers. I know that is something to envy me for. But you will all eventually get there, but I realize that it will be a while before anyone of you gets there. There have been several retirees in the last two years – Melanie, Tita, Meloy and then yours truly- which is our batch of entry-cohorts. That was quite costly on your part, what with the parties and the give-away presents. 

I would like to thank you all for the most memorable retirement party you threw for me. Despite the very rainy afternoon there you were, with the balloons and party hats, décor, catered food, flowers, beautiful cake, choc-nuts, the gifts, powerpoint photos, fast-talk interview, color scheme of ‘come in pink or purple,’ photo-coverage, violin concert of Johnrev and Gail, poetry of Ompoy, and most fantastic was the live band to boot! And the solo renditions of discovered talent as that of Mowneek, Rosalie and Johnrev. And the dancing that followed.Who can beat that! I hope I did not forget any part of that wonderful August 8 party. But I have the photos taken by JunCris to remind me of that day/evening. (I also want to make a special note of the one-gigabyte external drive filled with movies, TV series, and I cannot wait to watch them. The ‘Lin-ay’ miniature is also in my wish list to acquire someday, but now what a surprise that you gave it to me, which makes it doubly meaningful.) 

I wish that whole thing was taped so I can replay the program again and again, because now I will certainly have lots of time to do so. I still remember (and it is on dvd) the unforgettable Hello Ida (to Hello Dolly tune) dance and song number which you performed in 2005 when I said goodbye to being Chancellor and hello to Soc Sci. 

Well, the retirement party will be in my ‘forever’ memory, under ‘wonderful events in my life’ category. Thank you all very much, especially to Sonny Fernandez, Lisa and the committee members who organized it – I know what a challenge that can be. And for including friends from outside the division to celebrate ‘my retirement.’ Thanks also to my Psychology cluster who I know love me, warts and all. I will always feel a part of Soc Sci and so I will pop up there once in a while. If you need anything that I can be of help on, please just let me know and I will try as best to respond as you wish. 

As I said earlier, retirement will eventually come to all of you. I wish that when you reach that point, that you will also have colleagues who will bid you goodbye with their own unique rite of passage/rite of exit. Keep up the Soc Sci camaraderie and continue to value each other, even as, has been our tradition, we openly debate on issues, principles and occasionally opposing views. 

A heartfelt thanks to all !!!!!! 



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