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UPV faculty members launch books

Faculty members from UP Visayas launched their books on August 21, 2015 at the Grand Tower Hotel, Iloilo City. The same books was also re-launched at the UPV Art Gallery, Iloilo City campus on October 28, 2015 and at the UPV Miagao campus on October 29, 2015.

 “Txtm8rs at iba pang kwexto (pinagsamang kwento at texto)” was written by Dr. John Barrios of the UP High School in Iloilo, who at the same time is a Commissioner of the Filipino Language. The book is composed stories based on collected narratives and texts, a product of 10 years of experimenting with the different forms of short stories. Dr. Barrios is a prolific writer and has numerous other publications.

“Ilongga: Madamu nga Guya” by Dr. Alicia Tan-Gonzales of the Division of Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences. The poems are based on Ilonggo culture Gonzales is Palanca Hall of Fame awardee in the Short Story Category.

“Nasa sa Dulo ng Dila (Stories in three tongues)” by Prof. Early Sol A. Gadong of the UP High School in Iloilo. The author describes her book  as “whimsical youthful infatuation, a schance encounter, a devotion that spanned generation. From innocent yearnings to erotic cravings from fulfillment to frustrations, these stories  speak of longing and the women whose lives it filled.” This book followed her first book “Si Bulan, Si Adlaw kag si Estrelya” published by Balay Sugidanon Inc.

“Mga Dilambong sang Magal-umon nga Gugma (Mga Paglubad sa Hilgaynon sang Onse Tanan ka Soneto sang Sonetos del amor oscoru ni Federico Garcia Lorca)”  by Felino S.  Garcia, Jr. of the UPV Tacloban College. Lorca is a writer from Spain, who during his time, experiences how it is being hard to be a homosexual. He showed his true identity through his poems and dramas. Prof. Garcia is a faculty member of the UPV Tacloban College and is a Palanca winner for Literature.

Retired librarian from UPV,  Melchor F.  Cichon, also wrote in Akeanon “Ham-at Madueom Ro Gabii? (A Collection of Akeanon  Poems and Filipino Translation)".

The book launch was organized in cooperation with the Chancellor’s Committee for Culture and Arts, Hubon Manunulat and the books’ publisher, Kasing-kasing Press. (With sources from Noel De Leon)

By: Anna Razel L. Ramirez

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