UPV Lantern Parade 2015

Days before the scheduled UP Visayas Lantern Parade, intermittent rains have been threatening the event. But on December 16, 2015, the Lantern Parade and the Christmas program that followed were spared. Not even a slight drizzle dropped.

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) repeated the feat of wining 1st place again this year in the Big Lantern Contest with their butterfly inspired theme, decked with colourful lights and animated wings. Last year, it was the lighted mushrooms.

True to being the guardians and stewards of the sea, the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS) came up with a stunningly-lighted-from-within coral reef that took 2nd place. 

Meanwhile the School of Technology came up with an eagle inspired theme, with the eagle sitting on globe as if it was its egg nestled on a nest. This won 3rd place.

The other contests and their winners are as follows:

1) Hand held Lantern - 1st place – Clovers, CAS, 2nd place – School of Technology, 3rd place – College of Management;

2) Welcome Cheer - 1st place – Skimmers, CAS, 2nd place – Elektrons, CAS, and 3rd place – CFOS;

3) Group Performance - 1st place – Clovers, CAS, 2nd place – CFOS, and 3rd place – School of Technology. 

In the “Got Talent Competition” the winners are: 1st place – Skimmers, CAS, 2nd place – Ugyon, and 3rd place – CFOS. CFOS was declared as the overall winner.

Chancellor Rommel A. Espinosa, led the UPV community during the parade that were participated in by the students, faculty and staff of the various colleges, offices and units.

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