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UPV Team Building 2015 highlights increasing productivity

Before the fun, laughter and prizes, the administrative staff of the various offices of UP Visayas listened to a short talk on “12 Ideas to Motivate Productivity” during the team building program held on December 17, 2015, Iloilo City campus.

Ms. Anna Liza Barcelona, faculty member of the Division of Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, was the resource person who prepared the topic in the spirit of the season as inspired by the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” 

Ms. Barcelona’s 12 Ideas to promote productivity are as follows:

  1. Choose the right time – determine at which time of the day you are most productive and energized to do the critical task,
  2. Toss it – put aside tasks that do not really need to be done,
  3. Get the bad stuff out of the way – do the unpleasant task quickly, get it over and done with,
  4. Ready, set, goal! -  set a goal each day, the best time to do this is the night before,
  5. Eliminate all communication - put social media activities on hold , put cell phone on silent mode and focus,
  6. Batch similar tasks together - do similar tasks together (i.e. writing, emailing, phone calls, follow-ups),
  7. Set a timer - avoid distraction and get more done in less time,
  8. Set Targets – set you want to accomplish during the day,
  9. Apply the Pareto Principle – determine the 20% of the tasks that will affect the efficiency and the productivity of the 80% and focus on the former,
  10. How much is on your plate? - learn to delegate,
  11. Set a deadline for task completion – set a deadline a few days before the deadline, and
  12. Increase your speed – find out how fast you can finish a task.

Grouped into team colors of blue, green, red, orange and yellow, the staff competed in several games. The yellow team was declared the best team. Hams, gift certificates, cash and other prizes were raffled off and given away. 

The hard work and effort of the various committees involved in the planning of the event paid off as things went smoothly. Their labor of love and the support of the UPV administration are highly appreciated by the staff.

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