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UPV hosts 3rd leg of Environmental Governance Program

UP Visayas hosted the 3rd leg of the implementation of UP Program for Environmental Governance (UPPEG) on February 1-5 at the Training Rooms of the Graduate and Continuing Education Building, UP Visayas, Iloilo City campus.

The training was attended by 30 Community and Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officers who were exposed through a modular approach to learning that runs for five weeks. The UPPEG Pilot Run has 20 module sessions, which include the following topics: Scope of Environmental Governance, Environmental Problems and Issues in the Philippines, Decentralization and Integrated Approach of Resource Management, Accountability and Transparency in Natural Resources, Policy Process Analysis, Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Environmental Governance, Sunset Review of RA 10121, Environmental Leadership Principles and Conflict Management, Paralegal Approach to Conflicts and Problems in the ENR Sector, Resource Mobilization in ENR Sector through Business Development, Networking and Leveraging, Communicating Effectively environmental policies, rules and regulations and relevant information to stakeholders: Challenge to environmental leaders, Management Information Systems and Decision Theoretic Frameworks, Spatial Assessment and Analysis and Remote Sensing, ENR Planning and Monitoring, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Strategic Human Resource Management and Development, Financial Planning and Public Financial Management and Asset Management.

As a program, UPPEG was created with the aim of continuing institutional strengthening and capacity building of the primary implementers and stakeholders in the management of the environment and natural resources in the country. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the University of the Philippine through President Alfredo E. Pascual and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through Secretary Ramon Paje.

UPPEG is implemented through the coordination between the Center for Integrative and Development Studies and the experts from various constituent units of UP. (With sources from UPPEG)

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