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UPVEC holds 22nd general assembly

An 86% turn-out among the 727 regular and associate members of the UP Visayas Employees Cooperative was recorded during its 22nd assembly held on February 11, 2016 at the Auditorium of the Iloilo City campus.

The featured speaker for this year’s assembly was Mr. Eric Otayde, introduced by Prof. Romana Villareal as “a staunch believer of the cooperative movement.” Otayde sat as Chair of the BOD of the Antique Provincial Employees Multi-purpose Cooperative for three terms and still sits as BOD up to the present. He is also the Vice-chair of the Antique Federation of Cooperatives and also sits as Vice-chair of the ELECOM, Philippine Cooperative Central Fund Federation (PCF).

“I firmly believe that cooperatives are instruments of social change, he said. He lamented the decline in the number of cooperative all over the country which, according to records, showed that there were 25, 652 that existed in 1993 but the numbers has decreased to 24, 125 in 2015. He commended the UPVEC for being adaptive, resilient and surviving for 22 years.

He also reviewed what he called as the ABCs of cooperatives. These are: A for aspiration, B for belief, C for commitment, D for determination, and E for education.

He ended his message from a quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca, that says, “When a person does many good things to others, he is doing it to himself,” referring to the ripple effect of having many good joint ventures in a cooperative.

During the assembly, the newly-elected set of officers of UPVEC were also introduced. For the Board of Directors, they are: Elsa Campo, Joecelyn Genesila, Erlinda Naret and Anna Razel Ramirez. For the Audit and Inventory Committee, the following have been elected as members: Marilyn Gavan, Febe Miayo, Jessie Monsale, Armida Titular and Marilou Villarin.

The following three members of the Election Committee, namely, Gene Ann Camaymayan, Maritess Ferraris and Enrique Legaspi III, were also elected.

Part of the annual gathering is the recognition and awarding of new platinum members. These are members whose share capital has reached a hundred thousand pesos or more.

Mr. Enrique Legaspi III, administrative staff of the Department of Chemistry, was chosen to respond on behalf of the awardees. He credited the UPVEC as having “saved” him from financial emergencies such as hospitalizations of loved ones. He is also thankful that he can loan money from the coop to finance vacations and travels as well as for investment in the insurance + mutual fund schemes.

One major decision that was made during the assembly was to the increase the amount intended for the construction of the UPVEC building from P 5M to 20M to be released on a staggered basis starting with the 5M. The target date for the start of its construction is 2016.

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