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Dept Chem hosts forum on NU G30 International Programs

In line with the celebration of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Week, the Department of Chemistry hosted a forum on “The Nagoya University (NU) Global 30 International Programs” on February 26, 2016 at the MILC-AVR, UP Visayas, Miagao. Iloilo.

Dr. Resurreccion B. Sadaba, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, gave the opening remarks for the forum and was followed by the introduction of the speakers by Prof. Steve P. Janagap, Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry. The graduate programs of Nagoya University were introduced to the UPV community especially to the faculty and students who are interested in studying abroad.

The first speaker was Dr. Peter Butko, a Global 30 Designated Professor of the Graduate School of Science. He introduced Nagoya University – the home of six Nobel Prize Winners in Physics and Chemistry. He also gave an overview of NU’s various undergraduate and graduate programs.

Dr. Berthold Fischer, a Global 30 Designated Professor ofthe Graduate School of Science (Department of Chemistry), discussed the Short-Term Research Exchange (Sandwich Programs) and Specific Programs of Nagoya University Graduate School of Science. He explained the process on how to apply for admission to the university and the ways on how to get scholarships.

Dr. Joyce Cartagena, a Designated Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences talked about the Specific Programs of NU Graduate School of Bioagriculture and NU Alumni Association (NUAL-Philippines).

The talk was followed by an open forum. Cartagena encouraged the students as well as faculty members to study at Nagoya University but she insisted that those who study abroad should go back to the Philippines and help the country. (By: Edcyl Lee O. Salac and Christian A. Catalan)

(L-R) DC Chairperson: Prof. Steve Janagap, CAS Dean: Dr. Resurreccion Sadaba , NU Professors: Dr. Joyce Cartagena, Dr. Berthold Fischer, Dr. Peter Butko, CAS Assoc. Dean: Prof. Ma. Severa Fe Katalbas 

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