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UPV service awards honor 130 employees

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One hundred thirty employees of the University of the Philippines Visayas were honoured during the Service Awards program on February 24, 2016 at the auditorium of the Iloilo City campus.

Five of these awardees were staff personnel who finished a new degree. They are:
1. Ms. Teresita G. Quezon, B.S. in Business Administration, University of Iloilo (27 March 2015);
2. Ms. Rina-Joy C. Ambatang, M.S. in Computer Science, Central Philippines University (12 April 2015);
3. Ms. Ma. Beatriz S. Valencia, Master of Education (Guidance), U.P. Visayas (26 October 2011);
4. Mr. Randy M. Madrid, Ph.D. in History, U. P. Diliman (10 January 2015) and
5. Asst. Prof. Harold M. Monteclaro (Former REPS), Ph.D. in Fisheries Science, Kagoshima University (14 March 2011).

 Seventy service awardees were recognized. These are employees who has rendered 25 year of service. But since the service awards was not conducted in 2014 and 2015, some of these awardees have rendered 26 or 27 years of service already.

Faculty Service Awardees: Academic Personnel Service Awardees:
Prof. Juliana C. Baylon Ms. Jocelyn T. Barcelona
Prof. Pepito R. Fernandez, Jr. Ms. Thyrza C. Cababasay
Asso. Prof. Ma. Joji B. Tan Ms. Melanie P. Genodepa
Asso. Prof. Zoilo S. Andrada, Jr. Ms. Rose T. Mueda
Asso. Prof. Kevin Peter Amado P. Piamonte  
Asst. Prof. Michelle B. Besana  
Asst. Prof. Ma. Amalia S. Delagon  
Asst. Prof. Ma. Angeles S. Frio  
Asst. Prof. Fernando S. Tinagan  
Asst. Prof. Rebecca J. Tagamolila  
Asst. Prof. Marilou J. Ang Lopez  


Administrative and Support Personnel Service Awardees:
Ms. Mary Paz N. Aguana Mr. Hector S. Gamarcha 
Ms. Rosana G. Alama Mr. Rafael T. Gello-agan 
Mr. Edwin H. Batislaong  Ms. Marites E. Geonanga 
Ms. Estela A. Facon  Engr. Rolando S. Jamero
Ms. Ma. Teresa P. Gabon Ms. Josette F. Javellana 
Ms. Herminia A. Jallores  Ms. Marilou H. Jover 
Mr. Reynold J. Jaspe  Mr. Edwin C. Laspiñas 
Mr. Benjamin F. Melocoton, Jr.  Ms. Reyna T. Lima 
Mr. Noel F. Misola  Mr. Leon G. Lucero
Ms. Nida M. Momblan  Mr. Noel S. Magayondato 
Ms. Ma. Cecilia M. Monaya  Ms. Johnna A. Malones 
Ms. Edna N. Monreal  Mr. Amando F. Mooc 
Ms. Helen U. Monteclaro Ms. Virginia N. Nacanaynay, RN
Mr. Rufino F. Nilmar Mr. Larry F. Nagallo 
Mr. Jose B. Panggat Ms. Ma. Tita N. Noble 
Ms. Ophelia G. Balogo Ms. Vilma M. Nualla
Ms. Marie Christine B. Tilde  Ms. Remedios N. Nuevaespaña
Ms. Evelyn T. Tidon Ms. Wenona A. Ober 
Mr. Angelo M. Almanon  Ms. Salvacion F. Ojera 
Ms. Elizabeth P. Aquidado  Ms. Aileen M. Paguntalan
Mr. Jose Avelino Arnel A. Aquidado Ms. Delia B. Palabrica 
Mr. Rodrigo E. Balgos Mr. Ernesto M. Rusia
Ms. Myrna G. Ballada Ms. Jo Ann C. Sadia 
Ms. Ninfa L. Bandorio Mr. Arsenio C. Salaya 
Ms. Jo Ann B. Bedia  Ms. Iris M. Santisteban 
Ms. Lea R. Campo  Mr. Graciano C. Torilla, Jr. 
Mr. Felfort A. Catacutan  Ms. Elena O. Traviña

In memoriam, the program also posthumously awarded five employees who passed away. They are Asso. Prof. Merlina N. Andalecio, Ph.D., Institute of Fisheries Policy and Development Studies, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Asst. Prof. Joseph Edward O. Idemne, Department of Accounting, College of Management, Mr. Edwin A. De la Ceña, College of Management, Ms. Elni G. Jurisprudencia, Cash Office, and Ms. Diana N. Paguntalan, Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension.

The reckoning of the service awards was from July 16, 2013 to February 15, 2016. It also included those who have retired during these period.

For the faculty and academic personnel, the retirees are:

Prof. Ida M.L. Siason Asso. Prof. Tita S. Torio
Prof. Ebonia B. Seraspe Asso. Prof. Dolores H. Jardeleza
Prof. Ma. Luisa E. Mabunay Asso. Prof. Imelda V. Jamero
Prof. Melanie J. Padilla Asst. Prof. Rolando G. Diamante
Prof. Ida G. Pahila Asst. Prof. Jesusa S. Libutaque
Prof. Minerva D. Olympia Ms. Carmen L. Gempis
Prof. Jose Ali F. Bedaño Engr. Hernane J. Gonzales
Asso. Prof. Diana Edna G. Corda Ms. Ana T. Mones


The retirees of the administrative and support personnel:

Mr. Rolando S. Alcalde Mr. Manuel S. Gargarita, Jr.
Mr. Luciano C. Joven, Sr. Ms. Mary A. Montenid
Mr. Eugenio H. Solutin Ms. Josefina E. Moragas
Mr. Alfredo T. Cuevas Mr. Vicente C. Muyong
Ms. Loreto E. Egalam Mr. Rodrigo N. Nangan
Mr. Rizalito S. Hiballes Ms. Nydia N. Nieves, RMT
Ms. Danilyn T. Lapore Mr. Roberto M. Nulada
Ms. Herminia O. Reforma Atty. Cornelio V. Salinas
Ms. Elsa J. Rivera Ms. Susana P. Triunfante
Ms. Amalia N. Aaron Mr. Ernesto A. Tuson
Mr. Jose S. Apura Mr. Danilo G. Walo
Mr. Vicente R. Cortez Ms. Marilou P. Zenith, RN

The last part of the service awards was the recognition of the UPV Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Performance and Achievement.

The winners for Outstanding Performance for Non-Teaching are:
1. Mr. Enrique N. Legaspi, III, Administrative Aide VI, Department of Chemistry, CAS, Outstanding Administrative Staff (Salary Grades 4-6);
2. Ms. Anna Razel L. Ramirez, Publication Circulation Officer II, Information and Publications Office, Outstanding Administrative Staff, (SG 11-above, non-supervisory); and
3. Ms. Ma. Brenda P. Gajelan-Samson, University Research Associate I, Natural Sciences and Math Division, UPV Tacloban College (UPVTC), Outstanding REPS.

For the faculty, the Outstanding Performance winners are:
1. Ms. Johannes M. Magpusao, Instructor 1, School of Technology, Outstanding Instructor;
2. Asst. Prof. Pierce S. Docena, Assistant Professor 6, Division of Social Sciences, UPVTC, Outstanding Assistant Professor;
3. Asso. Prof. Ma. Joji B. Tan, Associate Professor 7, UPHSI, Division of Professional Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Outstanding Associate Professor; and
4. Prof. Augusto E. Serrano, Jr. Ph.D., Professor 12, Institute of Aquaculture, CFOS, Outstanding Professor.

Lastly, the winners for Outstanding Achievement are: 
1. Prof. Ruben M. Gamala, Assistant Professor 7, Department of Management, CM, Outstanding Achievement in Public Service;
2. Ms. Mary Jane A. Amar, Ph.D. University Researcher I/Scientist I (DOST) Institute of Aquaculture, CFOS, Outstanding Achievement in Research; and
3. Prof. Rosalie Arcala-Hall, Ph.D., Professor 9, Division of Social Sciences, CAS, Outstanding Achievement in Research. (With sources from HRDO)


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