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UPV Balay Balay Child Minding Centers Hold 2016 Culminating Programs

The UPV Balay-Balay Child Minding Center (BBCMC) in Iloilo City held its culminating activity on March 16, 2016 at the UPV Auditorium, while its Miagao campus counterpart held its 2nd culminating activity on April 1, 2016 at the CFOS AV Hall. These culminating programs marked the end of a year’s rhythm of activities that BBCMC wards experienced. The city campus presentations revolved around an “Under the Sea” theme, with the children dressed as sea creatures. On the other hand, the children of BBCMC Miagao wore animal, butterfly and flower costumes to give life to their songs and dances.

Prof. Ditas Ligue, faculty of the Department of Special Education of West Visayas State University served as guest speaker in the Iloilo City campus culminating activity. Prof. Ligue’s inspirational message was geared more towards the children and she managed to engage the BBCMC children by telling a story and blowing soap bubbles in their midst. In the Miagao campus, the guest speaker was Ms. Augil Marie Robles, Instructor of Psychology at the Division of Social Sciences, CAS, UPV Miagao. Ms. Robles’ message was aimed more at parents and caregivers and emphasized the importance of “play” in young children’s lives.

The BBMC is an extension project of the UPV Gender and Development Program that supported the implementation of Executive Order No. 340, mandating government institutions to respond to the needs of working parents by providing a place for socialization for 3-5 years old children while they are at work. To date, BBCMC has provided early childhood care and early formative education in a secure environment to more than 500 children from the city campus and 30 children in Miagao. The Iloilo City BBCMC started in 1999, while BBCMC in Miagao started in the last quarter of 2014. (By: Michael Q. Orquejo, Gender & Development Program)

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