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Dept Chem, CAS holds curriculum review

The Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, U.P. Visayas conducted the Academic Program Improvement Project entitled, “Curriculum Review of the BS Chemistry Program”, at the Assemblage Point Resort and Convention Hub, Lawigan, San Joaquin, Iloilo on 31 May 2016 to 03 June 2016. Thirteen faculty members, including Dr. Rolly Fuentes of UPV Tacloban College, and four academic support staff participated in the 4-day live-in seminar-workshop.

The activity aims to revise the existing the BS Chemistry Program of UP Visayas and align it with recent developments such as the implementation of the K-12 Program in the country. Its other objectives include: to establish the program goals, structure, and requirements, and to develop syllabi for the Chemistry courses to be instituted.

Dr. Aurora Fe Bautista served as the facilitator and the main resource person of the seminar-workshop. During the first day of the activity, Prof. Jay Martizano talked about the topic, “Establishing the Program Structure and Program Requirements of the BS Chemistry Program.” Prof. Rica Cainglet discussed “UP’s New GE Framework,” and Prof. Steve P. Janagap, the Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry, presented the “Mission, Vision, and Goals of UP System, UP Visayas, CAS and the Department of Chemistry.” Janagap also lectured about “Setting the BS Chemistry Program Goal.” Bautista discussed the last topic for Day 1, which was on “Outcomes-Based Education.”

Day 2 began with the lecture of Bautista on “Redefining the Program Outcomes (CHED and the Department of Chemistry Program Outcomes).” The first workshop involved the making of the OBE syllabi by the Organic and Analytical Chemistry clusters, which was followed by the presentation of their outputs. In the afternoon, the Inorganic, Physical and Biochemistry clusters also had a workshop on the creation of their respective OBE syllabi. Day 2 ended with the presentation of outputs by the Inorganic, Physical and Biochemistry clusters.

A workshop on the creation of new core and elective courses for Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry was held on Day 3. This was followed by presentation of outputs by each cluster. In the afternoon, a workshop by the Physical and Inorganic Chemistry groups was held and their outputs on the new core and elective courses were also presented.

The seminar-workshop concluded with the presentation of the proposed study plan for the BS Chemistry program. (By: Anthony Salvador B. Albaladejo and Enrique N. Legaspi III)

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