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Balay Balay Child Minding Center soon to rise in the UPV Miagao campus

“Today, we mark another milestone in our path to a more gender sensitive society. We are breaking ground for the Balay Balay Child Minding Center (BBCMC) here in the Miagao campus,” says UPV Chancellor Rommel Espinosa during the ground breaking ceremony of the BBCMC on June 20, 2016, UP Visayas Miagao campus.

Espinosa said that the BBCMC is a service mandated by Executive Order No. 340. Section 1 of the EO says that all national government agencies and government-owned and-controlled corporations shall provide day care services to children of their employees under five years of age and should be provided either within their office facilities or in the areas accessible to the parents.

UP Visayas, through its Gender and Development Program (GDP), opened its first child-minding center in the Iloilo City campus in 1999, the second one in Miagao in 2014 and recently, the UPV Tacloban College opened the Duyan Child Minding Center in its campus.

Dr. Mary Barby Badayos-Jover, Director of the UPV GDP welcomed the 33 pre-school children currently enrolled in the Miagao BBCMC, as well as their parents, and other guests. She thanked the support of the UPV administration for making it possible for the 1.6M BBCMC building to be constructed. At the moment, the BBCMC in Miagao is located in a limited area at the basement of the College Union Building.

The brief ceremony included the participation of the children who placed some items inside the time capsule. The blue print of the building was placed by Chancellor Espinosa. He led in the burying of the time capsule along with Vice-Chancellor for Administration Nestor G. Yunque, Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Development Evelyn Belleza, Campus Development Maintenance Office Chief Rolando Jamero, Engr. Mario Morano and Dr. Jover.

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