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Dean Saclauso reports CFOS' accomplishments

As his term as Dean of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, UP Visayas draws near to an end , Dr. Crispino A. Saclauso presented the state of the College report before the faculty, staff, and students during a general assembly at the CFOS Audio Visual Hall, UPV Miagao campus on August 5, 2016. The activity was facilitated by the Search Committee for the next CFOS Dean chaired by Prof. Emeliza Lozada.

Saclauso showcased the achievements of the College under his administration in the last three years since he took over the post in October 1, 2013. Barely less than two months left in leading the flagship College of the University, he acknowledged the support and collaboration of the various Institutes of the College, faculty, staff and students for these achievements.

“For much of the CFOS accomplishments, the honor belongs to the faculty, REPS, and students who put in hard and relentless work to perform our mandate and receive the accolades and recognition our colleagues and College truly deserves. And of course, the administrative staff who provided strong support to all of us,” Saclauso said.

The Dean was proud to report that the College received numerous distinction and awards, namely: as Center of Excellence in Fisheries Education (AY 2016~2018) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED); National University/College of Fisheries (2016) under the National Agriculture and Fisheries Education System; No. 1 School of Fisheries in the Philippines; and as consistent top performer in the Fisheries Technologist Licensure Examination since it started in 2003. He added that College’s graduates are the most sought-after fisheries professionals in the country as well.

In instruction, Saclauso pointed the increase in enrolment in the College program offerings, as well as the number of available undergraduate and graduate scholarships by which an average of 46 students per term benefited in the last 5 years. In 2015, CFOS and the Department of Agriculture Biotech forged a scholarship agreement for students who will work on biotechnology in fisheries in their research work.

He said the College likewise implemented new academic programs such as the Professional Masters in Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management (PMTMEM), a first curricular program jointly offered by three constituent universities (UP Diliman, UP Visayas, and UP Los Baños) and the Postgraduate Programme on Tropical Fisheries with International Linkage (ILP). He also said that the College is working on some revisions of the BS Fisheries Program to conform to the K-12 program and the new GE program framework. He added that the regular updating and for international accreditation such as in the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) is also being done.

In research and development, Saclauso reported the increase in the number of programs/projects/publications per Institute. He said that from 2011-2016, the College has a 195 ISI publications and 23 non-ISI publications. He said the College has brought in a total of P400 million external funded projects since 2011 through its research and development activities.

Saclauso noted an increase in the number of public service activities conducted in 2016. He said the College through its four Institutes, has intensified the conduct of public service related activities both at the local and national levels that have influenced national policies and legislations. He said the increase can be attributed to the campaign of UP President Alfredo E. Pascual to strengthen public service. These activities include providing technical assistance and diagnostic services, conduct of lectures, seminar- workshops, and advocacy work on different relevant topics and issues of concerns to varied stakeholders and development partners.

The improvement in the College’s infrastructures/facilities and the local and international linkages were also cited by Saclauso.

Even with these accomplishments, Saclauso said there are still many things that need to be done to sustain the momentum in instruction, research, and public service. The Dean, who is retiring in two years, expressed his hope that his successor will continue working for the following: source funds for engagements in regional, national and international discussions; engage in cooperative, inter and multi-disciplinary research and public service; revise the BS Fisheries (BSF) curriculum to conform with OBE framework and respond to K-12; and work on the international accreditation of BSF with AUN-QA by 2017.

“I would like to believe however, that as a leader, I may not have inspired all of you to work, but that I was able to provide the atmosphere that motivated you and made you productive,” he concluded. Saclauso’s term will end on September 30, 2016.

After the Dean’s report, Lozada enjoined everyone to participate actively in search process for the next CFOS dean.

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