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REPS attend Scientific Career System Orientation & Research Colloquium

Photos courtesy of: Dr. Mary Jane Apines-Amar

Several Research Extension Professional Staff (REPS) and a faculty member of UP Visayas attended the Scientific Career System Orientation and Research Colloquium on October 25, 2016 at Richmonde Hotel, Iloilo City.

The participants were briefed about the National Academy of Science and Technology, an advisory body on science and technology tasked to recognize outstanding achievements in S & T as well as provide meaningful incentives to those engaged in S & T researches. It also advises the President and the Cabinet on matters related to S & T, and engage in projects and programs designed to recognize outstanding achievements in science and to promote scientific productivity.

In addition, the Scientific Career System was also explained as a system of recruitment, career progression, recognition and reward, co-implemented by the Department of Science and Technology and the Civil Service Commission. The SCS awards scientist rank to qualified research personnel in the government service. The goal is to promote world class Filipino scientists.

There was also a talk on the Magna Carta for S & T Workers that included accreditations and benefits as well as a discussion on ethics in research.

From the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences the participants were: Erlinda Naret, Mary Jane Apines-Amar, Monique Esprella, Melanie Genodepa, Lily Anne Piñosa, Rowena Cadiz, Feby Carmen, and Anne Brigette Ledesma (Institute of Aquaculture); Ruby Napata and Genna Serofia (Institute of Fisheries Policy and Development Studies); Ernestina Peralta and Mercy Quilantang (Institute of Fish Processing Technology); and Shirley Golez (Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanology).

Also present were Randy Madrid, REPS of the Center for West Visayan Studies and Resurreccion Sadaba, Dean of the College of Arts Sciences. (With sources from CFOS)

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