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Staff Regent Mejia consults with UPV staff and REPS

Hon. Alexis M. Mejia, Staff Regent of the UP Board of Regents (BOR) was at the UP Visayas Miagao campus in the morning and at the Iloilo City campus in the afternoon of November 11, 2016 to consult with the administrative staff and the Research Extension Professional Staff (REPS).

UPV Chancellor Rommel A. Espinosa welcomed Mejia and remarked that this consultation is critical. It will give the staff the opportunity to air their issues and concerns to him, who along with the rest of the members of the UP BOR, will be interviewing the six candidates for the next UP President in mid-November before electing one on November 30, 2016.

Mejia briefly summarized the UP President Search Process and proceeded to explain the two important benefits that are foremost in the minds of his listeners. These are the Service Recognition Pay (SRP) and the new hospitalization program of UP now called UP Hospitalization Program (eHoPe) as the replacement of the existing Financial Assistance Program of Hospitalization Expenses (FAPHE). eHope is still at the proposal stage.

The current SRP is a monetary benefit for the administrative staff and REPS in an amount payable equivalent to 10 day’s salary for every year of service. It is payable upon: 1) compulsory retirement at the age of 65; 2) early retirement due to severe illness as defined by PhilHealth; and 3) death an early age eligible for optional retirement. This was implemented on January 2012.

Mejia briefly discussed the expanded version of the new SRP now called Expanded SRP or eSRP. The salient points include:

    1. staff covered by the eSRP will no longer be limited to those occupying plantilla positions, will include full time and part time employees, contractuals, temporary, casual eligible staff;
    2. optional retirement at age 60 or before reaching 65 with at least 25 years of service; and
    3. early retirement due to permanent total disability (no longer fit to work) under the rules of GSIS, regardless of age but with at least 25 years of service to UP.

The eSRP will be implemented in January 2017. Those employees who wish to retire before the mandatory age of 65 should write their intention with enough time for the CU to prepare.

Meanwhile, the proposed eHoPe will cover medical and hospitalization up to a maximum of P 80,000 per year per employee. Its coverage will include medical/diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, CT scan, biopsy, mammography, echocardiography, angiogram, blood chemistry and other laboratory examinations (excluding cosmetic surgery and the annual executive check-up).

The new health program will also include professional fees and partnership agreements with the nearest government and private hospitals that shall be initiated by the CUs to include a “no cash-out” policy.

Most of the issues raised in Miagao focused on the SRP while that at the city campus focused on the eHoPe.

The officers of the All UP Work Workers Union, led by its President Sydna Lozada facilitated Mejia’s visit.

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