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UPV hosts installation exhibit for VIVA ExCon


Japanese and Korean artists in collaboration with artists from Negros Island Region held a group exhibition of installation art, entitled ‘Cycles 001’ at the UP Visayas, Iloilo City campus grounds during the VIVA ExCon Iloilo or Visayas Island Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference. The exhibit opened on 17 November and will run till the end of the month.

Rhoderick Tijing, Young-sil Seo, Raymond Legaspi, Hyun-Don Kim, Manny Montelibano, Ryu Eun, Junjun Montelibano, Bae Soo-Min, Paks Gonzaga, Karina Broce-Gonzaga, Christoph Sagemuller, Mark Espuerta, Elwa Gonzales, Ginoe Ojoy, HR Campos III, Faye Abantao, Charlie Co and Dennis Ascalon are the artists who participated in this exhibition.

According to Prof. Martin Genodepa, Chairperson of UPV-Chancellor’s Committee on the Arts, “‘Cycles 001’ is an exhibition that is inspired by the repetition of event in society, the reverberation of history, and life patterns.” He further said that “as artists continue to reflect society in their artworks, subjects repeat as history recurs, Cycles 001, attempts to intervene in these repetitions, by exploring new grounds art production but maintain the attention to the subjects that the artist is working on.” This exhibition aims to interrupt and reflect the usual as well as to challenge the conventional.

The participating artists went through diverse methods of production, which involved the understanding of individual methods and cultural backgrounds, collaboration, the use of alternative mediums and manner of presentation, subject focus, and conditions for production and exhibition.  (With sources from Prof. Martin Genodepa, UPV-CCCA)

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