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Award winning chemist to launch chemistry book

Dr. Vivian Azucena-Topor, faculty member of the Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, UP Visayas, will launch a chemistry book entitled, “ChemSearch & ChemPuzle” on December 1, 2016 at the lobby of the UP Visayas Museum of Natural Sciences, Miagao campus.

Topor, an honoree of the “2016 The Many Faces of the Teacher (TMFT)” of the Bato Balani Foundation, Inc., understood that chemistry has its own language. According to her, this language expresses itself through the symbols of elements, cations, anions, and chemical formulas. She thus said that when one becomes skilled in the use of this language, one is able to understand and convey a chemical message through chemical formulas, naming compounds, and eventually answering higher level problems involving chemical formulas and compounds.

ChemSearch & ChemPuzle” aims to develop one’s skill, mastery, and love of chemistry through answering the different challenges. The more one plays the puzzle, the more one interacts with the chemical symbols and formulas, one becomes more familiar with the elements, cations, anions, and different compounds. On the same occasion, the UPV Library will also launch its Website and a book donation drive.

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