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FR Arinto lectures at TLRC’s Forum

Faculty Regent Patricia B. Arinto gave a lecture on January 30 to February 1, 2017 at Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC), UP Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo. She was the invited resource person for the Forum and Workshop on Interdisciplinary Module Writing and Development of Teaching Modules.

During the workshop, the teacher-participants shared some of their strategies and concerns regarding the use of interdisciplinary approach inside the classroom. The workshop focused on the development of self-access resource-based learning modules as a supplementary material in class.

Prof. Marilou Ang-Lopez from the School of Technology (SOTECH) and Prof. Gerald Quinitio from the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS) shared that they had been using interdisciplinary teaching strategies in their Food Technology and Fisheries classes.

According to Division of Social Sciences faculty members Mr. Ruchie Mark Pototanon of Miagao campus, and Prof. Dakila Kim Yee of Tacloban College, the workshop introduced new teaching strategies and approaches that can be used by teachers to present lessons which students can easily understand.

Prof. Anna Liza Barcelona from the Division of Professional Education remarked that making these self-access materials are advantageous to teachers because it can supplement and help students cope with their lessons.

“It is practically a pedagogical tool and maybe, collectively, this is a learning delivery tool to enable the university to be more inclusive in its approach in making sure that quality pedagogy is available for everyone,” said Prof. Donne Jone Sodusta, one of the faculty members of the university who handles graduate and high school classes.

Dr. Aurora Fe Bautista, a retired faculty member of the Division of Professional Education and a guest participant during the workshop, remarked that her insight from the activity was that interdisciplinary attitude is a perspective that you have to overcome and acquire to make life easier.

Dr. Arinto added a reflection about what makes an effective teacher. “They are the teachers who can for example, can come up with the correct analogy that somehow makes you understand… that comes from curiosity about things, having a broad interest in various fields. Certainly that’s one of the things our students want from us. To see us a model of that,” she added.

The said forum and workshop are the first two of the three phases of the TLRC Module Development Program which is funded by the Academic Program Improvement (API). The forum was a half-day activity, which orients interested faculty participants on the concepts of interdisciplinary approach to teaching followed by a two-and-a-half-day workshop on interdisciplinary module writing of effective modules focusing on content and activities participated in by teacher participants. The last phase focused on writing grant exclusively for the teacher participants of the forum and workshop. Outputs of this grant will form part of the TLRC teaching and learning library, which will be accessible to students and teachers in hard and soft copy formats.

Forty-three (43) faculty members from various divisions, departments and colleges of UP Visayas participated in the activity.

“With the enthusiasm and the energy that you have showed in the last three days, I really feel so secured that this will be a very successful program not only of the TLRC but of the university,” said TLRC Director Dr. Zoilo S. Andrada, Jr. in his closing remarks during the workshop.

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