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Int’l Conference focuses on food security and food safety

Happening in Iloilo City on August 30-31, 2017 at Hotel Del Rio, the International Conference on Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (ICFAS 2017) organized by UP Visayas, will focus on food security and food safety.

Because issues relating to food affect the world and all of us, ICFAS 2017 seeks to share solutions to complicated food issues in aquatic and agricultural systems by providing an avenue to discuss recent developments and practical solutions.

Uplands (“ridge”) continue to suffer from low productivity and poor infrastructure while the coastal and estuarine ecosystems (“reef”) endure problems relating to salinity and depleting catches. There are also potential impacts of climatic variability on the quality and nutritional stress of many commodities.

With this scenario, exporters of agricultural and fisheries products have to comply with stringent international regulatory requirements in order to remain competitive.

With the themes “Ridge to Reef: Strengthening Systems for Sustainable Food Production,” ICFAS 2017 will discuss complex pathways between agricultural systems, fisheries, and aquaculture to strengthen their positive impacts to food security.

Anchored by the UP Visayas School of Technology, the conference aims to bring together experts to increase communication across disciplines through diverse topics for presentation: (1) food quality nutrition and safety, (2) innovations in food science and technology, (3) food laws, policies, and regulations, (4) environmental resiliency and integrity, and (5) community and economic development.

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