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CFOS faculty members pursue graduate studies abroad

(L-R): Simora, Acabado, Leonida, & Tejano

Three faculty members of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences went on study leave to pursue their graduate studies outside of the country starting this second half of 2017.

Ms. Rhoda Mae C. Simora, Ms. Cristy S. Acabado, and Mr. Jerry Ian L. Leonida were accepted as scholars in their chosen graduate program fields.

Chancellor Rommel A. Espinosa approved the requests of the three faculty members to go on study leave with pay in pursuit of a Ph.D. and Master’s degrees upon the recommendation of the UPV Academic Personnel and Fellowships Committee chaired by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Encarnacion Emilia S. Yap.

Simora has been qualified as a Fulbright-CHED Scholar under the Philippine-American Education Foundation also known as Fulbright Commission in the Philippines. She will be taking her Ph.D. in Microbiology, minor in Biochemistry program at the School of Fisheries Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, Auburn University in Alabama, U.S.A. starting in August 2017. Simora is occupying a position of Instructor 4 at the Institute of Fish Processing and Technology (IFPT).

Acabado is pursuing Ph.D. studies in Biodiversity at the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan starting August of this year. She has been accepted to Academia Sinica’s Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP). Under the program, she is receiving a tax-free monthly stipend. Acabado is an Assistant Professor 1 of the Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanology (IMFO).

Meanwhile, Leonida is taking up his Master of Science in Marine Environment and Resources at University of Bordeaux I in France, University of Pais Vasco/Euskal Herriko in Spain, and University of Liege in Belgium beginning September 2017 as an Erasmus Mundos scholar. The Erasmus Mundus scholarships are funded by the European Union. The scholarships are exclusively awarded to students coming from both EU and non-EU countries that have been selected to attend one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes at Masters or Doctorate level. As an Erasmus Mundus scholar, Leonida will receive funding to cover his tuition fees, insurance, monthly allowances, travel, installation, and other expenses. He is in his fourth year of service to the University as Instructor 4 of IMFO starting August 2017.

On the other hand, Mr. Lhumen A. Tejano, Instructor 3 of IFPT, is presently conducting his graduate thesis experiments at the National Taiwan Ocean University from July this year until May 2018. He has been qualified as a recipient of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office – Taipei Economic Cultural Office Sandwich Scholarship Program (MECO-TECO SSP). Tejano is currently pursuing his MS in Fisheries (Fish Processing Technology) at the CFOS of this University.

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