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BS Public Health Team Bakunawa bags 2nd straight National Unilab Ideas Positive Championship for UPV!

Team “Bakunawa” of UP Visayas composed of June Luis Salvador, Anna Nicole Cuachon, Bea Galupo, Precious Jemimah Legayada, Jason Clement Acebuque bagged the Unilab Ideas Positive Run 7 National championship on August 12, 2017.

Team Bakunawa was coined after the local word “bakuna” (immunization) and “unawa” (to understand). With Dr. Calvin de los Reyes as their mentor, the team was formed to do an intervention that aimed at increasing School-Based Immunization (SBI) in Pavia Ungka 2 Elementary School. Their 6-month social preparation and another 6-month work on empowering the school and barangay resulted in the reduction of school-based immunization refusal rate from 32% to zero% in that particular school.

Unilab Ideas Positive (UIP) started its national competition centered on awarding 100,000 pesos for a novel community health intervention program by the youth in 2012-2013 (run 1-2) which were limited to Metro Manila participants. In the national run, UPV teams consistently won 2nd place from runs 3-5 (2013-15) and then became national champions in run 6 (2016) under the mentorship of Dr. Philip Ian Padilla. Additionally, another UPV team bagged 3rd place in Run 4. Two more UPV teams made it to Run 6 as 3rd and 5th placers.

For Run 7, there were 159 accepted team proposals (108 SUCs) comprising of 17 regions. Forty six (46) teams were invited for the oral presentations of their proposals. Eventually, 13 teams were awarded the 100K for a 6-month project implementation phase. Five teams composed the grand finalists with Team Bakunawa being declared the 2017 champions.

Team Bakunawa has established 1) ImmuniTeam composed of mothers, teachers, and health workers as the core group, 2) Immuni-station, a foldable, mobile, immunization IEC cart for school-based immunization, 3) Immuni-Star Charts, a daily record of immunizations of each grade 1 pupil in the school, and 4) several Wastong Bakunawa Sessions for pupils, mothers, teachers, and health workers. They eventually implemented the same public health intervention to Pal-agon-Amparo Elementary school that reduced the SBI refusal rate from 25% to zero. This group effort was also part of a course requirement in PH 195 (Public Health Practice).

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