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UPVTC welcomes Healthy Lifestyle & Wellness program

“The conduct of this activity is really timely and effective in piquing our awareness for a healthy lifestyle. I believe the launch has made an impact among ourselves.”

“During our flag ceremony on September 11, 2017 my colleagueKaren Reyes shared what transpired during the two-day seminar-workshop. Many have shown interest and enthusiasm in joining the Zumba. We are already spreading the word. We have been waiting for this. This is it!”

This is what Maria Vivian J. Montes, Administrative Officer at the Dean’s Office of UPV Tacloban College (UPVTC), said ofthe launching of the UPV Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Program at the campus held on September 7-8, 2017.

Four members of the UPV Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Committee(UPV WellCom) travelled to Tacloban from Iloilo to launch the program, conduct a fitness test, and hold a capacity-building seminar to selected UPVTC personnel.

Prof. Brenda Lynn B. Arroyo, former Chair of the UPV Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Committee, gave an overview of the program. She explained that it was an initiative from the UP system level that subsequently led to the creation of the Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Committees in UP’s constituent universities.

Ms. Maureen Kay Ongo, another member of UPV WellCom, shared UPV Miagao and Iloilo’s “Best Practices on Health and Wellness.” In her discussion, she included tips on budgeting and sustaining the program.

Current Chair of the UPV WellCom, Mary Lyncen Fernandez, shared her personal journey to health and fitness through a power-point presentation entitled, “A Fat Woman’s Journey to Health and Fitness.”

Meanwhile, Prof. Catherine Anecita, Chair of the Physical Education Department of UPV College of Arts and Sciences and also a UPV WellCom member, led the conduct of the capacity building seminar. This included fitness tests that gathered data on anthropometry (height, weight and waist circumference), body composition (body mass index) flexibility (upper and lower extremities), muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance (non-exercise motivation of VO2max using PASS or Physical Activity Status Scale), and percentage body fat using the BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis).

The participants were taught on how to gather these data to generate a fitness profile. They were first asked to conduct the tests among themselves and likewise conduct them to a group of student participants.

The launch and the capacity-building seminar were participated in by six faculty members and 11 administrative staff. The faculty were: Anthony S. Salamia, Prof. Ma. Zenia Dulce, Theresia Katherine J. Rojas, Joshia Osias-Wong, Ma. Joelyca Sescon, and Gerwyn Enerlan.

The administrative staff are as follows: Leo Babali, Rey Espanto, Dr.RulfinMacaya, Mario Martinez, Vivian Montes, Gilbert Moral, Ruel Sevilla, Sofronia Lora, EuvaBooc, Karen Reyes, and Eden Cabigon.

Most importantly, at the end of the launch, the participants made a commitment to establish a core group that will lead healthy lifestyle and wellness activities for UPVTC. Their immediate plan included a regular Zumba session; a fun run for a soft launch of the program; form an FB group where they can communicate; and coordinate and meet with UPVTC Dean, Dr.Virgildo Sabaldo to generate support.

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