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IFPT trains seaweed farmers in Carles, Iloilo

The Institute of Fish Processing Technology (IFPT), College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS), UP Visayas (UPV) conducted a livelihood training on value addition of seaweeds to seaweed farmers in Carles, Iloilo on May 29, 2018.

Ms. Rosanna Alama and Ms. Mary Ann Serrano introduced and demonstrated to the participants the formulation, methods and procedures in making pickled seaweeds, seaweed noodles, and kroepek.

Seaweeds are abundant in Carles. The local government unit of Carles requested the training to supplement the income and improve the livelihood of seaweed farmers in the locality. Seaweed farmers’ income mostly comes from selling fresh and dried seaweeds.

Held at Carles FFITS Center, the training was attended by 48 participants. They were composed of officers and members of Buenavista Fisherfolk Association (BUENAFEA), Bangalore Seaweed Planters Association (BSPA), Talingting Fisherfolks Association (TFA) and Pantalan Seaweed Farmers Association (PSFA). Representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Municipality of Carles and on-the-job trainees from the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) also attended the activity.

After the training, the LGU distributed a start-up kit, which the participants can use in making quality value-added seaweed products. (With sources from IFPT)

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