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Limosnero is UPVTC’s top student

Kim D. Limosnero garnered the highest GWA (magna cum laude) in the entire graduating Class 2018 of the UPV Tacloban College, making him the College’s valedictorian. The BS in Accountancy major also graduated valedictorian in high school.

Limosnero has a very active student life, participating and winning in various regional and national competitions such as search for outstanding accounting student, accounting quiz, accounting tournaments, and the likes.

“The most important life lesson that my UP education and experience have taught me is the virtue of humility. I have accepted that there are certain things I cannot do, and that there will always be someone who is much better than I am. I ask for questions when I do not know, and seek help from others whenever I feel that I cannot do something on my own. This commitment to seek answers as well as the willingness to accept new ideas – even if they contradict my own personal views – allowed me to acquire more knowledge and insights and look at multiple perspectives, which I could not otherwise learn or obtain by myself,” he said when asked what his UP education has taught him.

He credits his academic achievements on self-motivation and self-discipline.

“Self-motivation has been one of the reasons for my academic achievements. My primary sources of motivation are the short, intermediate and long-term goals and vision that I have for myself. By envisioning my future, I create a unique version of “myself.” I constantly push myself harder every time, and create accountability checks that help me evaluate both my progress and performance.

“I am also motivated by the idea of personal growth and development. I feel a great passion in learning. As Mortimer Adler said, “The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing for as long as we live.”

When it comes to self-discipline he believes that excellence is an attitude, rather than an end in itself. “The short term goals as well as the long-term vision that I have set for myself would be futile if I do not commit myself towards their achievement. It is good to be motivated, but discipline, unlike motivation, requires mental toughness and, as such, persists in the long term.”

He said he was willing to endure and overcome challenges that he encountered during his stay in UP.

To the incoming first year students of UP, he has this to say:

“Explore the limitless potential in you. Be curios. Have debates with yourself and challenge other’s point of view. Go beyond traditional ways of thinking by exploring non-conventional platforms. Get comfortable with challenges and with failure, acknowledging that growth and self-improvement can only happen outside your comfort zone.”
He also urged them to have an inherent love for “our country and our people.”

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