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UPV Pol Sci faculty members read papers in Asian Political and Int’l Studies Conference in Bandung, Indonesia

Three Political Science faculty members of the Division of Social Sciences attended the 2nd Biennial Conference on International Relations (ICON-IR) and the 12th APISA Congress. The conference was hosted by Parahyangan Catholic University on October 5-6, 2018 at Bandung, Indonesia, which is the historic host city to the 1955 Asian-African Conference which mainstreamed Asian discourse in the realm of international relations.

Mr. Clyde Gacayan, instructor and currently on study leave, presented his work on ‘Is there an Asian Style War on Drugs: Explaining why punitive drug measures are common within ASEAN. This discussed a comparative illegal drug policy across the region. Gacayan argued for a balanced understanding of policy by the books, policy on ground and political culture that is necessary to make sense of the resurgence of zero-tolerance rhetoric on illicit drugs in ASEAN. Asst. Prof. Brian Ventura discussed his research titled ‘Against the Ancient Regime: Negotiated Pluralism in Church-State Relations During Spanish to American Colonial Transition in the Philippines.’ The paper revealed four areas that exhibit how American Colonial Administration and Filipino elites have negotiated the limitation of the role of the Catholic church in the country.

Lastly, Prof. Rosalie Arcala Hall, Ph.D. discussed her work on ‘Civil-Military Engagements and Civilian Oversight in UN Peacekeeping Operations: The Philippine Case.’ Dr. Hall explained the Philippine government oversight mechanisms in UN PKO training, funding, equipping and mission area performance including how gender concepts and notions of gender equality are mainstreamed in training and structure for missions. Her presentation was part of a panel on UN Governance in Southeast Asia: Efficacy, Legality and Legitimacy. Dr. Hall is also part of the APISA Executive Committee 2017-2019.

The said conference had 97 speakers and presentations from 15 countries with diverse background from the academe, bureaucrats and think tank activists. APISA is Asia’s leading academic organization dealing with political and international studies which promote scholarship for Asia by Asians.

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