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PE conducts L/W on relaxation exercises through dance for stress relief

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The API funded lecture-workshop was primarily designed for UP Visayas administrators and personnel who serve at the frontlines. Entitled, “Relaxation Exercises through Dance Movement Exploration for Stress Relief,” the event was organized by the Division of Physical Education, College of Arts and Sciences at the UPV Miagao covered court on October 24, 2018.

Prof. Gilda L. Uy of the UP Diliman, College of Human Kinetics (CHK) lectured first on “Wellness and Dance Movement Exploration in Academic and Workplace Settings.” She gave a brief background on how dance movement became a tool for wellness in helping to deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. In other countries it is called dance movement therapy but was renamed dance movement exploration in the Philippines because Filipinos seem to have a negative perception of the word therapy.

Uy, who is also the Director of the Graduate Studies Program of CHK, emphasized the need to create a stress-free environment in an academic setting such as UP not only among the personnel but also for the students.

Low impact dance movements were then introduced through a video wherein the audience were invited to follow. These are done standing or sitting and can be done in an office environment.

A second lecture was given by Prof. Albert Dimarucut entitled, “Dance Your Stress Away and Healing through Moving.” Dimarucut, who is also a faculty member of the CHK, took the audience through a series of fun and relaxing dance steps. He along with Prof. Uy also took them through sessions on self-reflection and introspection. The last part of the event, a series of relaxation techniques, left the participants indeed very relaxed.

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