Team Sarigan joins Sportsfest

Team Sarigan, composed of UPVTC faculty members, staff, alumni and students of graduate studies, actively participated in one of the most anticipated events of the college, the “Sportsfest 2018.” Held on October 16-19, 2018, the Sportsfest went with the theme “Ato Iskolar! Dalugdog han kabataan, igsalin-urog: Yuta ug kinabuhi aton igpakigbisog!”

Employees of UPVTC competed in various events, such as basketball, volleyball, football, chess and some “Laro ng Lahi” games. After many years of being inactive, Sarigan had entries in the cheerdance competition and Ms. Sportspoof, two of the major events. The team placed third and champion, respectively in both categories.

By continuously encouraging them to join in appropriate physical activities like this, employees are expected to develop and improve their physical and mental well-being. Further, a healthy, happy, efficient and sustainable workforce will be achieved.

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