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Five thousand brand new books targeted to be donated at the UPV library

“Me and my siblings were all products of UP. Our values were forged in UP, particularly that sense of giving back to the community,” says Jhoana Gorriceta-Rojo, a UP Diliman alumna in library science.

Rojo was at the main campus of UP Visayas in Miagao on December 11, 2018 to formally turn over 500 brand new books to the university’s library. These were mostly textbooks on various fields of study. The donation was an initial number as she pledged to send more books on a regular basis until the count reaches 5000 pieces.

Even though she has not practiced her profession as a librarian, Rojo’s love for books is a lifelong passion. Now based in Pasadena, California and working as an IT in the city’s Department of Information, Rojo has made it her advocacy to seek out donors and orchestrate the donation of books to public libraries in the Philippines. She herself and her family were among the regular donors. She has been doing this for 16 years.

The UPV administration accepted the donation through Prof. Juhn Cris Espia, Asst. to the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Annaliza Linaugo, University Librarian.

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